Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fix for Upload Image bug on LinkedIn Company Pages

I've been playing recently with LinkedIn's Company Pages feature, and discovered a frustrating issue with the upload process for logo images and also products and services showcase images.

For some reason, these images simply don't upload, and after some playing, I got some help from Firefox:

This had me off looking at the HTML for the page, which revealed the problem. Some time ago, LinkedIn implemented HTTPS on all its pages, advising users, quite correctly, to switch over to this as soon as possible. This means that the URL for the "edit company overview" page will look like this:

However, within that page, the form to upload images has the following action URL:

It is this mismatch between secure and not-secure that gives rise to the message from Firefox, and it turns out that this interferes with the image upload process.

Therefore the workaround for this is to switch off the option to use HTTPS when possible (Settings -> Account -> Manage Security Settings). The dialogue looks like this:

Untick the box, save, and then navigate back to your company page, making sure you are now using HTTP and not HTTPS, and you should find that the images now upload correctly. When you have completed your work, you should of course return to the security settings and switch HTTPS back on.


  1. Excellent article, thank you for the help, much appreciated!

  2. Marcel, you're welcome, glad it was useful. The official line is that this has been fixed, but it continues to look wrong to me, so the work-around is still needed!


  3. Thanks for that Neil, this has been bugging me for a long time. Strangely my image upload problem was solved the other way round HTTP was switched on and when I changed to HTTPS it uploaded - verrry strange