Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dave Gorman, Flickr, and the DMCA - Concluded

Update: Dave Gorman has a new blog post describing the conclusion to this saga.

On February 17th this year, Flickr deleted this photograph posted by Dave Gorman, following a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request from a company called Wasteland Inc. They basically told Flickr that they were the rightful copyright holders, and in response to that, Flickr deleted the image.

Dave Gorman is currently discussing this on his blog, and both the main post and the comments contain some fascinating insights:
  • He describes how he investigated the claim, found out more about Wasteland Inc. and then launched a counter claim which wasn't challenged
  • He talks about the damage done to the original upload because Flickr did not restore it with the original link, comments, and viewing statistics
  • He highlights the issues with the DMCA notification process
  • In the comments section, there is a contribution from the CEO of Wasteland Inc. which is a great example of how to respond swiftly to public criticism via social media channels
Read the full article here.

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