Monday, 5 March 2012

More LinkedIn Data Analysis

Looking deeper into the data available from the LinkedIn API reveals more about how it is used by the connections in my network.

Previously I described how I had used the LinkedIn API to extract data from my network, and the results of some basic analysis. Since then, I've made enhancements in order to:
  • Extract network events of other types, not just Shares
  • Store the event data in a MySQL database
  • Query the database to analyse usage
  • Present summary results using RGraph
This month I am concentrating on what is probably the most commonly used aspect of LinkedIn, namely expanding a network of connections. For January, I had already established that only around 10% of my network were sharing updates or article links, so for February I was interested to see whether it would be the same sort of figure for establishing new connections.

I suspected that it would be higher, and I was correct: nearly half in fact as the charts show. Note that clicking on the chart below will take you to a web page created solely for this purpose:

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